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  • Carniolian sausage (halfie) 4,50 €
  • Carniolian sausage (wholie) 8,50 €
  • with: mustard, horseradish, bread roll
  • Extra bun 0,50 €
  • Sausage with cheese 6,00 €
  • wrapped with sauerkraut and full-grain mustard in leaf dough
  • Soup 5,50 €
  • Soup with Carniolian sausage 7,50 €
  • sides: bun
  • Rolled Pastry (3x) 5,50 €
  • sides: breadcrumbs
  • Vacuum-packed Carniolian sausage 5,50 €


  • Juice 0,10L 1,20 €
  • Cockta 0,33L2,40 €
  • Ora 0,33L2,40 €
  • Coca Cola 0,5L2,40 €
  • Coca Cola Zero 0,5L2,40 €
  • Ice tea 0,33L2,40 €
  • Water 0,5L2,20 €
  • Mineral water 0,33L2,20 €
  • Cviček 0,1L1,60 €
  • White wine 0,1L2,10 €
  • Red wine 0,1L2,10 €
  • Beer Union, Laško (lager) 0,33L2,90 €
  • Dark Slovenian craft beer4 €/4,50 €
  • Light Slovenian craft beer4 €/4,50 €
  • Beer with fruit - Radler 0,50L3,20 €
  • Beer Union - non-alcoholic 0.50L3,20 €

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Carniolian sausage - Distinctly the best since 1896

The knowledge and skill of making the Carniolian (Kranjska) sausage originates from a centuries-old tradition of “slaughtering”, our ancestors largest profane holiday. The name “Carniolian” (Kranjska) sausage originates from the early 19th century, from the times of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The name of the sausage marks the geographical origin of this special delicacy. The name of the product “Carniolian sausage” represents a typical geographical definition of the Slovene ethnic territory. Thus, this is also the reason why “a Carniolian” was actually the second name for “a Slovenian”. As a special region of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy Carniola stopped existing in 1918 and today Slovenia actually represents its direct “heir”.

A renown chef Katharina Prato is known to have written the oldest known recipe for the “Carniolian” (Kranjska) sausage. She published it in her work “Süddeutsche Küche” (Southern German cuisine) in 1896 (first issue was in 1858). In the Slovenian language the recipe was issued for the first time in the sixth issue of “Slovenska kuharica” (Slovene Cookbook), from the author Felicita Kalinšek in 1912.

The quality of this sausage has been frequently certified. Among all else, the butcher’s shop “Rozman” from Ljubljana recieved a gold medal, plaquette and diploma for its “Carniolian” sausage in 1932 on the Brussels “World exhibition of food products”.

the best
skew'd sausage

The original recipe for the “Carniolian” sausage is today protected. Only eleven certified producers from Slovenia make them according to this original recipe from the second half of the 19th century. The exquisite reputation of this sausage is importantly configured also by the annual “Festival of the Carniolian sausage” in Sora near Medvode and “Days of the Carniolian sausage” which is each year hosted in a different Slovene town. Slovenia is not the only country who hosts festivals for this sausage – Cleveland, Ohio, also has an annual “Festival of the Carniolian sausage”.


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